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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  November 11, 2009 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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little bit lower. about half an inch downtown. winds are on the way. 30-mile-per-hour winds common. 26-mile-an-hour wind gusts downtown. that will pick up tonight as winds pick up. check out this video from virginia beach. rough surf here. in fact, we are looking at some very rough surf on our shores as well. a gale warning in effect now for the entire coast and we are looking at 30 to 50 miles per hour winds there. so this is going to be a big storm. the mountains, if you're west of the divide, not much rain. but haggerstown south and east get ready for more rain and stronger winds. anita, back to you. >> thank you. break us news in bethesda. a woman hit by a school bus died. >> it happened on arlington road. britany morehouse with more on what happened. tell us more. >> reporter: lesli, anita, i don't know if you can see this police vehicle behind me parked right alongside the crosswalk
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where the woman was struck. right next to it is bethesda elementary school. that's where the school bus was turning out of left onto arlington road when this happened. show video from earlier today. it was around 1:30 p.m. this afternoon when montgomery county police got the call. they arrived on the scene and found the woman with severe head injuries. she had flown a couple dozen feet from where she was struck. the school bus driver, an employee since 2001, took all the necessary drug and alcohol tests. they had five students on board. all of them are okay and they were either picked up by their parents or transferred onto another business. in the meantime the woman was taken to a hospital where she later died of her injuries. police are still on the scene taking measurements, pictures and they just collected her belongings. it was just heartbreaking for many of the people passing by. again, we do not know the victim's name but we do know
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she was a woman in her 60s and we will have more on that as soon as we get more information. reporting live in bethesda, britany morehouse, 9news now and >> thank you. there were other accidents out there due to the weather out there. what's going on? >> we do have another pedestrian-involved accident in potomac. an accident at piney meeting house ride at river roadblocking all lanes in that direction as well. police are on scene conducting an investigation. another accident right now. this one has been there for quite some time. gw parkway southbound. a car actually ran off the road there a couple of hours ago but that road is still blocked and traffic is being diverted up to arlington boulevard. 395 northbound another bad accident at washington boulevard. crews are on scene there. two left lanes are blocked there. northbound on 395 traffic squeezing by to the right. so be aware of that if you're heading through the beltway right now, accident free through virginia and maryland
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but the roads are wet so be careful. take it slow out there. >> good advice. more breaking news to talk about. we just learned the brother of a teenager killed by an off- duty dc police officer has himself been gunned down. dave stater with more on this new and violent development. >> reporter: police sources and family attorney confirm that the men killed at a bus stop in the north east is george rol lings. it appears that george may have been the witness to a hallowe'en shooting. he was walking onto this metro bus. as he stepped onto the bus shots ran out. witnesses heard between 5, 12 shots. according to the family attorney he witnessed the
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shooting of that man on hallowe'en and had been hiding until today. one of the people nearby the shooting is someone running for mayor. district. >> it was boom, boom, boom. about six or seven shots. and actually, i was right about here. >> reporter: george's 14-year- old brother was killed in september 2007 by an off-duty police officer. the shooting was quite controversial but in the end federal officials ruled the shooting was justified. the family still has a civil suit against the city. the lookout from police is for three men. a very vague description. george rollings did not seek police protection after the hallowe'en shooting because of the relationship the family had with the police. a vehicle hitting a pedestrian 2:30 a.m.
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near the intersection of nailer road and hillcrest heights. a spokesperson says the vehicles had just returned from fort lewis washington. the name of the pedestrian will not be released until his relatives are notified. today is veterans day and after taking part in traditional replaying ceremony at arlington national ceremony president obama and first lady michelle obama stopped at the section of the burial ground and met with mourners. the white house says president obama is close to reaching a decision. here is joel brown. >> reporter: on a rainy veterans day president obama and the first lady offered handshakes and condolences to families mourning lost loved ones at arlington national cemetery. the pair ran among the graves in an area known as section 60, the site reserved for troops killed in iraq and afghanistan. the commander in chief is
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reported to be nearing a decision about the new strategy for the war in afghanistan that could include sending up to 40,000 more troops into battle. the men and women in uniform already serving abroad were on the president's mind as he spoke to families gathered near the tomb of the unknowns. >> for our troops it is another day in harm's way. for their families it is another day to feel the absence of a loved one and the concern for their safety. >> reporter: the people that came to the vietnam veterans memorial to mark the holiday know those feelings well. they pay tribute to family members and friends that they have lost on the battle field. >> we remember him all year. but this is a special time. >> reporter: rex lee is also thinking about president obama and the decision now before him. >> we just pray for the right decision. we are operating for his office for what he has to do. he has to make a tough decision. >> reporter: the president gathered his national security team at the white house for another meeting on the currents
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wars wednesday afternoon. aides expect him to announce the plan for afghanistan after he returns from his upcoming trip to asia. joel brown , cbs news, washington. and this was the scene at the world war ii memorial on 17th street north west. ♪[ music ] >> you're listening to an all- veteran barber shop course. military personnel and veterans were admitted for free. there was also a replay by the commander in chief. >> somber veterans day in maryland. a hometown hero was just killed in afghanistan.
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scott broom has reaction to the death of charles cartwrigh . >> reporter: decorating parking meters with flags and stores with yellow ribbons and today is the day the town learned charles cartwright was killed in afghanistan. >> the day that everybody will be thinking about him. >> reporter: at the vfw hall a day set aside to remember sacrifice instead was a day to experience it firsthand. >> the sacrifice is just unbelievable. i don't think people fully appreciate that we lose sons and daughters, husbands and wives, brothers and sisters, every single day. >> it is a sad day for us all. >> reporter: charles cartwright 's family asked for privacy. cart wright was highly
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decorated with two previous trips to afghanistan. he was killed in afghanistan during combat operations. >> that was his heart and soul there. he wanted to be a marine and he was. >> reporter: he will be remembered for timing, news of his death coming on veterans day but also for the day he signed up for the marines. it was september 10 of 2001. in unionbridge, scott broom, 9news now and >> cartwright 's family has not yet announced funeral plans. the officer hailed as a hero in the fort hood shooting said the scene was confusing and chaotic. she tells oprah winfrey that getting shot felt like a muscle being torn out of my leg.
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the 34-year-old woman is now out of the hospital after undergoing two surgeries. the sergeant was one of two civilian police officers who confronted the army psychiatrist accused of killing 13 people at the texas military base last week. the commanding general at fort hood is calling on soldiers to dedicate themselves to their memories. 15 of the wounded remain in the hospital, three still in intensive care. a blame game erupting over the fort hood investigation. a military official denies knowing nidal malik hasan contacted an islamic cleric. hasan did not speak as a conscientious objective or for any other reason that despite by claims by relatives that he did. partnering this veterans day to support holiday food
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basket program. >> our derek mcginty joins us now. >> we just heard that very powerful story about charles cartwright . commemorating veterans day while the nation is involved in two wars. the reality is many of our active service people need a lot more than words this holiday season. they need your help, folks. the economy is down. they need help. and we are trying to pitch in and offer some of that help. the uso of washington metropolitan area is here with us right now. they are running a phone bank for us. if you want to join in and help the phone number is 202-432- 9045. shannon, erin and mary-ann are waiting for your phone calls. we want to provide holiday thanksgiving baskets to help those serving us. again that phone number for you. give us a call.
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we will tell you more in a few minutes. back to you. >> nice job, derek. thank you for that. coming up, the secret letter from john allen muhammed that no one wants to talk about. cleared of any wrongdoing in the shooting death of a father of seven. we have the dashboard video and you'll see it coming up.
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on wall street stocks continue their slow upward climb much the dow finished the day up 44 points to close at 10,291. nasdaq jumped 15 points. s&p 500 climbed 5 points.
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a charles county grand jury cleared three sheriff deputies in the shooting death of a father of seven last month. he was shot and killed after a routine traffic stop that led to the discovery of more than $16,000 worth of drugs in his vehicle. audrey barnes joins us live from the charles county courthouse with some new developments. >> reporter: 44-year-old cornelius warren was pulled over for driving 51 miles per hour in a 40-miles per hour zone. the traffic stop was recorded on that officer's dashboard camera. as you can see in this video warren got out of his vehicle after the officer became suspicious. he had seen him throw something over the back seat of his car. now, as that officer is searching the vehicle warren decides to take off. according to the officer he jumps back in the car and tries to drive away and this is what the video doesn't show. a struggle between warren and two of those sheriff deputies.
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they both open fire. 11 shots rang out and eight of them hit cornelius warren who does not survive. a grand jury investigated this case and today has ruled those officers did not wrong. >> the findings of the grand jury that both officers' use of force was not unreasonable given the danger mr. warren represented when he grabbed the officer's gun. >> he would have me minister to his sons and daughters and try to keep them together and keep them from falling apart. >> reporter: this is what cornelius warren did not want those officers to find. they found an entire brick of marijuana worth about $4000. and in the console of that car they found $12,000 of crack cocaine. warren did have a passenger in the vehicle. he will not be prosecuted in this case. now, the three deputies from the sheriff's office have all been cleared of any wrongdoing
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and we are told they are all back on the street tonight. we will have reaction from cornelius warren's family coming up for you tonight. back to you. >> thank you, audrey. see you then. demand for h1n1 vaccine, of course, remains very high as we have been telling you but there are still some people who are skeptical about the new shots including some physicians. so a letter from the food and drug administration is being sent out to all the nation's medical providers reminding them that the h1n1 vaccine is made just like the flu vaccine and there were no significant side effects on testing of thousands of patients before it came available to the public. now to a consumer alert. beginning tomorrow minors will no longer be allowed to use tanning beds at salons in howard county. it became the first in the country to keep anyone under the age of 18 to use those
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indoor tanning beds. some believe tanning beds are linked to cancer. a 22-year-old man faces charging after posing as a high school. he is accused of attending high schools so he could get a basketball scholarship. he said he used fake id. he is being held on $100,000 bond. a north carolina middle school is selling test scores to students to raise money. a parent advisory council at rosewood middle school will sell 20 test points for $20. students can then add 10 extra points to each two sets of their choice. the principal says it is not enough of an impact to change a student's overall grades but state officials say exchanging grades for money teaches children the wrong lesson. >> have to agree on that. a widespread power outage threw brazil into darkness. several cities were in the dark
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for more than two hours last night. millions of people affected by this. the power outage is prompting concerns about the country's ability to host the olympic games in 2016. >> topper is here. it is a wet one out there. are we going to have to get used to this or something? >> i think so. essentially ida is becoming a nasty nor'easter really. let's look at yesterday. video from southeast tennessee around chattanooga. this is a rock slide. check it out. the news crew was right there and they backed up. the officials told them to move away. incredible. that is towards the blue ridge and north east of chattanooga. an incredible piece of video. let's start with the next three days. doppler. rain tomorrow 48. winds really pick up tomorrow.
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up to 30 miles per hour. up to 50 miles per hour at the shore. 52 on friday. more rain and showers. mild on saturday. but showers are still in the forecast. now let's go to live doppler. look at the wave height already now. ocean city. we are looking at wave heights now of 12 feet just offshore. 11 feet off bethany and 9 feet as far north at cape may. this is just the beginning of some serious beach erosion for us. back to the computer now and we will talk about what's going to happen over the next 48 hours. it is going to be kind of interesting. tonight cloudy. windy. chilly with rain. heavier south and east. and we are talking about winds north east at 15 to 25 and gusty. now, talk about temperatures. they haven't gone up much. in fact the high was actually at midnight. 48 at national. 47 in baltimore. 50 up in cumberland and 45 out toward winchester and also into culpeper. temps won't go up or down much.
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persistent north east flow will continue. heavier south and east. temps in the 40s. now look at the winds. north east at 15 to 30 and gusty. by afternoon more rain, heavy at times. more so south and east. highs only 46 to 50 and winds north easterly at 15 to 30 and gusy. >> ida is becoming a big nor'easter. at the shore beach erosion a big problem. 30 to 50-mile-per-hour at the shore late tonight and tomorrow and rain for us will continue. an additional 1 to 3 inches through friday. roads are slick. they are some kind of slick. additional inch around the immediate central area but you get into southern maryland, 1.5 to 2 inches still possible. especially down towards the northern neck. 48 tomorrow. rain and showers. heavier rain and showers on friday. low 50s. and then we kind of go in the
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right direction. some showers still possible on saturday for the terps game but temps back in the 60s then 70 on sunday. beautiful for the redskins. you can watch that game right here on channel 9 in hd. upper 60s on monday. rain delayed to tuesday night and wednesday. highs in the upper 50s on wednesday. >> thanks a lot. busy night for you. we know. thanks a lot. we are taking financial donations until 7:30 p.m. tonight for the uso's holiday food basket program. you can help out by calling 202- 432-9045. you can see our volunteers on the phones or by logging on to we will be right back. >> but we take you out first with a live picture from a pretty bad accident. that is i-395 northbound at washington boulevard. accident is blocking three lanes of traffic creating a real mess. we will be back. next "e.t.." >l>l>l
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veterans day and 9news now are getting together for the
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holiday food basket program. a little more now on how you can help out. let's cut it right to the chase. lowering ranking enlisted folks actually equal for food stamps. that's frightening. >> that's correct, derek. >> they could use our help. tell us about why? >> they can use our help. military families are experiencing a tough time. there are more and more deployments and our junior enlisted families are having a hard time especially those with young children and deployments are causing a problem for military spouses to be able to work. >> so, in other words, holiday time comes around and they could use a gift basket like this one we see right in front of us here. >> absolutely. and the uso has received twice as many requests this year at this time than we ever have in the past. >> demand is exceeding supply? >> it is. >> if you want to help a military family on this veterans day here is the basket
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you can get. $50. 202-432-9045. you can help a military family in need. make sure they have a better holiday meal. you can also go to our website click on hero central. that will also put you in position to help out. how has it been so far this year? >> so far, like i said, we have more and more military families in need and some of the stories are heart wrenching. families that have medical crisis in this area. we have wounded warriors. and their family members have come to this area and given up jobs and college to support them while they recover and the uso, it is a suggested donation for $50 but any donation helps. >> any donation can help. we can support them as they serve us. >> absolutely. >> thank you for being here. more later. call the phone number. or go to anita? >> we want to hear some more noise. >> we do. but we are hearing some phones ringing. it is very good. coming up a train operator
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describes the moment she nearly hit a woman who fell on the tracks in front of her train. but first the sniper's secret letter and why his family does not want to talk about it. >> british police have london heathrow airport charging a united airlines pilot with being too drunk to fly. the story from london coming up. ñ
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welcome back. we have got new information on our top story. police have just identified the woman struck and killed by a school bus in front of bethesda elementary school this afternoon. she was 60-year-old sheila humphreys. the bus driver hit the woman as she crossed the street. the case is under investigation. dc right now police are searching for the person that shot and killed a young man as he stepped aboard a metro bus. it happened just before noon at 14th and 8th streets in north east. no one else was hurt. on this veterans day president obama leads the ceremony at arlington national ceremony. then the president and first lead met with families of war veterans at the section of the
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burial ground reserved for shoulders killed in iraq and afghanistan. john allen muhammed's final resting place will be far from this area where he and lee melvo terrorized so many of us years ago. the first wife will have a funeral and burial for him in baton rouge, louisiana. bruce leshan is just back from john allen muhammed's execution. >> reporter: the morning after virginia put john allen muhammed to rest some of his relatives called a news conference to talk about the sniper's final letter but then they declined to say almost anything about it. >> we have a letter. right now we are not prepared to disclose anything in that letter because it would be extremely inappropriate at this time. >> reporter: perhaps john allen muhammed will haunt our nightmares no longer. one of the final chapters of three weeks of terror that had so many of us afraid to go shopping, fill up with gas or
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take our children to school. >> at 9:07 you could see him twitching and blinking a lot. at 9:08 he was emotionally. >> he was given every opportunity that our system afforded him and his victims certainly had no opportunity. >> reporter: mohammed spent his final hours visiting with his son and his lawyers. >> who with humility and self- consciousness lost a father and a member of their family. >> reporter: outside the gates the mother of john allen muhammed's final victim sat with her family. >> it's been a long time coming. i'm happy. >> reporter: there were also a handful of death penalty opponents like derek lane who brought his 11-year-old son. >> the bible says vengeance is mine and thou should not kill. we believe that is everyone.
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>> the family says they may release the letter at some other time. the lawyer said it would be disrespectful to focus on what he calls john allen muhammed obsessive and delusional writings. john allen muhammed maintained his innocence until the end claiming he was framed because of his race. anita? >> till the end there were still no final statements. >> that's right. in a way this letter could serve as his final statement because the warden offered him the opportunity to make a final statement and he even refused to acknowledge to the warden he was talking to him. there was no final statement. perhaps in this letter. now to cleveland where the search for more victims of a serial killer moves from the suspect's home to the empty house next door. today police bulldozed the back of that house and officers conducted initial search of the home itself. they plan to use heat-seeking devices for a more thorough
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look. the suspect anthony sowell is accused of killing 11 women. we have an update on an incredible hero story. the driver of a boston subway train that stopped just inches short of a woman who had fallen onto the tracks tells the cbs early show she expected the worst. a fellow employee standing on the platform called the driver when she saw the woman tumble. >> all i saw was a train go over her body and i just was like, oh, my god. this is going to be so bad. and it scared me and i'm just atlantic canada please god, just let this woman be okay and when she crawled out from under and she gave me a smile. >> the woman who fell was drunk releasing a statement saying she was grateful to lewis and all the people who helped her. british police arrested an american pilot just minutes before he was due to take off minutes from london to chicago. his own staff raised the alarm
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with british aviation authorities that the pilot had been drinking. >> reporter: a united airlines pilot is about to land in a london courthouse arrested for being too drunk to fly. 51-year-old irwin washington of lakewood, colorado, failed a breath test shortly before takeoff. his own colleagues blew the whistle. united flight 949 was scheduled to leave london's heathrow airport around noon monday for chicago. the boeing 767 with 135 people on board was preparing for takeoff when british police pulled washington from the plane. passengers were transferred to other flights. united airlines has suspended washington saying the airline has no tolerance for drinking while flying. it is the third time police here at london's heathrow airport have arrested an american pilot on suspicion of being over britain's strict limits which amounts to about half a glass of beer. last may an american airlines
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pilot also bound for chicago failed a breath test as did another united airlines pilot last year. pilots convicted of flying under the influence can face two years in a british prison. but analysts say even if washington is found guilty, he may not lose his wings for good. >> they may put him in some sort of a rehabilitation program and they may tailor a program based upon his personal circumstances. >> reporter: washington will be grounded until at least november 20th when he is scheduled to appear in a london court. cbs news, london. coming up, armed robbers with a change of heart. >> they called off their robbery when they figured out their victim was a member of the military. but first we are going to get a check on the evening rush. >> for a holiday, guys it has been a busy one. gw parkway still causing problems. a vehicle ran off the roadway. traffic is now being diverted
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onto arlington boulevard. another accident we are tracking tonight this one right outside of bethesda elementary. this fatal accident right outside that school moreland lane. finally we take you outside to this mess on 395 northbound. as you can see crews are still there. three lanes are blocked. traffic is very slow in that area just by washington boulevard heading towards the district. so it is going to be a slow stretch home for folks on that route. that's it for traffic. more news and weather coming up.
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>> i'm peggy fox with can you help your children could better in school by
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improving their diet? certain facts improve brain function but the bad fats can crowd out the good ones. get the skinny in the washington family magazine group on collecting greeting cards on this veterans day. dozens of volunteers stopped by the headquarters on 17th street today. all part of the holiday mail for heros campaign. cards screened and sorted and distributed to military hospitals, bases and to veterans here in the u.s. and all around the world. we are celebrating this special day with a special addition of 9news now at 7:00 p.m. hero central. tonight, we will salute the men and women currently serving in the armed forces as well as those that served before this. plus, we will take a look at what our local heros are doing on the home front. that's on 9news now at 7:00 p.m. robbers had a change of heart when they realized their victim was a military man. u.s. army reservist was held up at gun point yesterday in
5:41 pm
milwaukee. the robbers pulled him into an alley but they reversed course when they found his military id. >> actually handed my wallet back to me. said they apologized for the whole situation. >> did one of them try to give you a fist pump or handshake in. >> one of the individuals came back and gave me a fist pump on their way out and said thank you for what you do. >> in addition to his reservist duties he also drives a shuttle bus for university of wisconsin. police say they are stepping up their patrols after a string of robberies on that campus. we have got same ways to celebrate. how to throw the perfect pint- sized party without the big price tag. redskins welcoming extra special visitors to practice on this veterans day. more on that coming up. i hope everyone has leaves cleared out of the gutters because the rain is here to stay. we will show you live doppler 9000 light to moderate rain
5:42 pm
occurring over the entire metro area. down all the way into fredericksburg. so heavy rain right now. that will continue. we will tell you how much rain will fall. we will take you out with a reminder we are taking financial donations until 7:30 p.m. tonight for the food basket program. call or log on to our website at we will be right back. >l>l>l >l>l>l
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welcome back. raining out there and that means a nasty wednesday night commute. several accidents this one on i- 395. three northbound lanes blocked. emergency personnel is still there at that accident. i-395 at washington boulevard in arlington heading into the district. avoid that area tonight.
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entertainment. helium-filled balloons and food just a few of the things parents will spend hundreds on to pull off the perfect birthday party for their little one. if you follow this affordable party tips you can have a fabulous and fun celebration and don't have to shell out a lot of money. >> good to see you. >> you too. >> i know and you know how much we spend on birthday parties. it is a lot. >> it is a lot. usually for me it is over 500 but these are ideas that are affordable. doesn't sacrifice anything. one thing you can't do without is birthday cake. a great way to display cup cakes birthday cakes on a cup cake tower. these are just boxes or books or whatever you create your tower, your kids can help you put it together. less than $50? >> very affordable. that's great. >> you'll have your party at home. you'll have your guest list. the main thing that really jacks up the cost of parties entertainment. so this is a great solution to the clown or whatever. it is a new game called birthday party bash and pay it
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on the nintendo wii system. it is 19.99. >> that's not bad. >> it is great. in the game you get 12 invitations. a coupon buy one get one free and games are classics. kids love it. >> you can see the kids are having a blast there. >> they love it. >> snacks on a stick. this is where parents spend the money too on the food. >> they do. and these are snacks on a stick. you can play with the wireless remote so that you're not getting your hands greasy. hot dog. popcorn. scrapbook paper. >> as a cone. >> popcorn. >> these are what? >> shop at the bulk candy aisle. a lot of these ideas will be on birthday party really good ideas. >> great. thank you for sharing those tips. they are all on our website click on living smart.
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anita? >> thank you, lesli. 9news now at 6:00 p.m. is less than 15 minutes away and here is a look at what we have new for you tonight. local kids behaving badly. preteens allegedly terrorizing their neighbors. stay with us and we will explore this full story. a canine unit shot in the line of duty by a fellow officer. and why three volunteer firefighters have now filed suit against their own company. those stories are all new coming up at 6:00 p.m. topper shutt, busy night for you, my friend. ida. >> it is. can you imagine if it were cold and this were snow? >> i knew he was going to bring it up. >> if the rain were snow it would be bad. >> let's go back to 1986 when we had 11 inches of snow on veterans day. you might you remember. think traffic was bad now. no, that's not it. prince george's county they had up to 17 inches of snow with thunder snow. >> thunder snow. >> what's thunder snow? >> that's snow with thunder because it is so dynamic it
5:49 pm
creates thunder. so as bad as it is today it could be better, off worse. forecast. next three days. more rain tomorrow. more rain on friday. upper 40s on thursday with winds up to 30 miles an hour. low 50s on friday. still rather windy. go to showers on saturday. temperatures at least milder back in the low 60s. shouldn't be a complete washout for the terps hosting virginia tech. big game and food drive 9. this is the week the boy scouts come to pick up all the stuff you've brought out, put on your door. your doorknob, front door on saturday. they will pick it up. this is what happens when a little mini hits the back of a cruiser. roads are slippery. thanks to brian for sending this in. 267 and 495. and little bit of damage there and always embarrassing when you hit an officer. tonight cloudy, windy and chilly with rain. heavy south and east. lows 42 to 48. winds increasing north
5:50 pm
easterly. gusty. live doppler. you can access this via the web at we have interactive radar as well. pretty cool. rain. a lot of it on the moderate side. couple patches of heavy rain as you go south of 66 down towards manassas. back to the computer. we will talk about tomorrow morning. rain. windy. temps in the 40s. winds up to 30 miles per hour by afternoon more rain. heavier south and east. highs only 46 to 50 winds increasing north east at 15 to 30 and gusty. next seven days. upper 40s tomorrow. low 50s on wednesday. still pretty good rain on friday. then saturday some showers possible. back in the 60s. still looks nice for the redskins game. watch it right here on channel 9 in hd. 70 with sunshine. upper 60s on monday then showers late tuesday into wednesday. a little cooler but not crazy cold. >> that's a good thing. >> we will try to get that
5:51 pm
video to you later. it is good. snow. >> we look forward to it. we are going to go to anita real quick. >> that's right. new information about a common chemical and sexual problem in men. plus a local business leader turns his brush with death into a heart crusade. >> don't forget we are always at stay with us. tonight's living well segment is coming up next.
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we want to remind you that we are taking financial donations until 7:30 p.m. tonight for the uso's holiday food basket program. help by calling or log on to give us a call. give us a call. the uso very active with the nfl. in fact, i went on a uso mission to somali during operation restore hope with people from the uso as nfl players went over to sign autographs for the troop. donate often, shall we? >> absolutely. doing the same at redskins park. >> we know athletes aren't the true heros. you can say the redskins are bad. you can say the franchise is
5:55 pm
in turmoil but you can't say they don't have class. the redskins invited dozens of retired military to sit in on today's practice at redskins park. our dave was there. >> celebrating their day. >> reporter: today the washington redskins took time out as they prepared for the denver broncos this sunday to honor and give heart felt thanks to the men and women who serve. >> that's a true hero. i want to personally thank them not only for me but the united states as a country. >> i think it is great our country honors our veterans and i think they give up a lot. a lot of sacrifice not only with that person but with the families. >> the challenges and hardships nobody ever see. many who fought for america overseas the redskins helped. >> it was no big fun being in
5:56 pm
vietnam but. watching sports kind of passes time away. >> reporter: although they live in two different worlds they each seem to admire each other's approach for their unique way of dealing with adversity. >> it is like a military day for us every week when we go to battle yet the risks are far less important than the risks that our military take. >> they will come through. i've got faith in them. >> reporter: at redskins park, 9news now and >> maybe that's just the mojo the redskins needed. >> thanks for that, brett. we will send it over to anita now. a health alert for you. controversial chemical found in all kinds of plastics including baby bottles may cause sexual problems in men. that's the word from an alarming new study on chinese
5:57 pm
factory workers exposed to super high levels. even if the men had only worked with bpa for a few months they were at higher risk for problems such as erectile dysfunction. government agencies are conducting a safety review right now. we will keep you posted on the outcomp. heart disease is the number 1 killer in america. a local ceo came moments away from losing his life because of it. now he has become a crusader for workplace wellness. >> i'm not getting my breath back and i got as far as the lobby and i passed out. >> reporter: these are the first symptoms of paul's heart attack. >> went into cardiac arrest. was bros back with a defibulattor paddles. >> reporter: he had just left his doctor's office. >> they said great job, see you next year. >> reporter: instead the ceo of
5:58 pm
this corporation would need immediate angeoplasty and double bypass surgery. he realized regular doctor checkups are no guarantee of health unless you've got some good habit 365 days. >> i was a smoker at that time. >> reporter: but that's all changing now and this year this corporate leader is leading the annual american heart association heart walk campaign. he also carries his powerful personal story into the workplace. call it a cautionary tale. don't wait for disaster to strike before eating heart healthy giving your body the regular workouts it needs and knowing crucial blood test numbers that affect your risk for a heart attack like paul's. >> i will go into a location and we will do a lunchtime walk. results for people in terms of their own personal health and fitness created a new spirit of
5:59 pm
engagement within the company. >> paul will be at the heart walk this saturday. saturday morning on the national mall. so will i. make sure you join us. now, what about ways to bring wellness into your workplace? start your own lunchtime walk. hire a fitness trainer to come to the office once a week and split the cost. last but not least competition tends to motivate so why not start a fitness contest or weight loss challenge at your job. good luck. thanks for joining us at 5:00 p.m. 9news now at 6:00 p.m. starts right now. >> from the first local station with news in high-definition. this is 9news now. we begin with a weather alert. remnants of ida are here to stay for a while. raining off and off all day. topper joining us from the weather center. when will we get a break. >> rain will be heavy tonight. heavier bands south of town and really essentially ida is turning


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